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These are many ways to use proxy server to change internet protocol address, As well as Ultrasurf is also a popular Internet product created by Ultra reach Internet Corporation. This software enables its users to bypass censorship and firewalls using a proxy. It is very easy to use with its most recommended settings.Ultra proxy changer
This application (Ultra Surf) currently boasts as many as 11 million worldwide users. This tool has been designed as One of the most important speech tools at the Internet, and as the circumvention tool by Harvards University. Ultra surf says that their security considerations mean because they prefer third party expert review to open source.It is a great benefit of this application to change different Internet Protocol address every time it is connected without decrease internet speed.
To use this type of proxies, are strictly banned from USA Law, So please be careful. If you still want to get it, Just search at Google and find a small almost 1.5mb file, which through you can change your ip very easily.
Now You can Download Free Ultra Surf Full Version Cracked to Access & Browse Blocked Websites like; Youtube etc.
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