8 Ways to Make a Blog Post a Success

Hi dude, welcome to our ooxan official web log. let see "8 ways that to form a web log Post a Success" during this web log Article.

What does one ought to do to form web log Post a success?

Blog authors area unit bonded success in their web log post by following these eight steps in their web log post.

8 ways that to form a web log Post a hit

  • Choose excellent Keyword 
  • Post Title 
  • Search Description 
  • Permalink 
  • Sub Headings 
  • Post pictures 
  • Content 
  • Internal links & External links
  • Choose excellent Keyword

The success or failure of a post depends on the main target keyword in this post. it's a decent plan to see the subsequent once selecting tags. 

 The lower the competition, the quicker the registration rank by choosing the tags with the best search (search volume).

Post Title

The first issue a blogger (Blog writer) writes once he starts writing his post is Post Title. The title ought to have the keyword. 

It is best to return to the start of the title.

Meta description

Below the post title, within the Google search results, is that the Meta description. the main target keyword during this meta description mustn't exceed a hundred and fifty characters.


The link to a post is named Permalink. This Permalink ought to even have attention keyword.

Heading - eight ways that to form a web log post a hit

(E-du) 8-ways-to-make-a-blog-post-a-success

It ought to provide like this.


This includes the headings H2, H3, and H4. Adding keywords or different words kind of like the keyword can add additional strength to the record.

Post pictures

Some individuals assume that a post ought to have a minimum of one image. however a picture will say what must be aforementioned in a very thousand words. 

 In my opinion, it'd be higher to own five photos in a very post.

Post Content

The content of a post ought to be a minimum of 600 words. Google Adsense says four hundred words is enough. however scaners (visitors) ought to read the post on your web site for a minimum of one minute. 

Otherwise, the bounce rate of the web site can increase. The bounce rate is lower once it's quite 600 words and quite a moment to scan.


Internal links

In your post, the link you provide to the post you've got already written is named the interior link. 

The bounce rate of the web site are going to be considerably reduced because the reader reads your ulterior posts through these links.

Outbound links

The link you provide to different websites from your post is departing link giving departing link is 10 SEO higher. obtaining Associate in Nursing departing link to our web site from different major websites can increase our web site Domain Rating.

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